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Publications, Correspondence and Achievements

Inquiry's and Responses
Rapid Mini Inquiry 27th April 2020

Inquiry - Evidence submitted 01.05.2020

Flash Survey Results

24-27 Apr 2020

Layla Moran MP

Facebook post

Patient Stories

submitted to R4L

Cancer and Covid-19 



Press Release

Evidence submitted by Action Radiotherapy


Industry Letter of Support

Radiographer network


Coverage - The Times 30.04.2020

Evidence submitted by Prof R. Sullivan & A. Aggarwal

Evidence submitted by Industry

Blog by Jo Strickland, Therapeutic Radiographer

Tim Farron MP


Letter to Sec. of Health


Edinburgh Cancer Informatics 27.04.2020

Global Coalition for Radiotherapy

Evidence submitted - January 2023 Inquiry

Response to Service Spec Jan 2019

Inquiry report January 2023

Indusrty Summit 

June 2023

APPGRT Inquiry Report

Aug 2019

Trust Responses - updated Sept 2019

Correspondence - The Prime Minister

Letter 12.06.2021

72 parliamentarians & cancer community



Letter 21.08.2020



Letter 29.03.2022

Correspondence - The Secretary of State for Health

Letter 09.05.2022


Letter 01.04.2020


Letter 10.09.2020


Letter 23.04.2020

Cross Party

Letter 13.11.2020


Letter 22.05.2020

Cancer Summit

Letter 20.12.2020


Letter 10.06.2020


Letter 26.01.2021

Correspondence - Re Health & Social Care Select Committee Meeting

Letter to

NHS CE 01.05.2020

Response from Dame Cally Palmer 21.05.2020

Letter 01.04.2020

Letter 10.06.2020

Letter 23.04.2020

Letter 10.06.2020

Letter 22.05.2020

Letter 10.06.2020

Letter 10.06.2020

Letter 10.06.2020

Correspondence - other

Chancellor response to APPGRT 25.01.23


APPGRT to Chancellor 16.12.22

APPGRT to Chancellor 16.12.22

APPGRT to Ca minister 23.02.23

Minister to APPGRT Jan 2023

Transforming Radiotherapy: A six point Covid-19 recover plan to save lives and money within the NHS: 6th July 2021

6-point recovery plan

Associated Press Releases


Royal College of Radiologists





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